Classes for Ages 18 mos.-1st Grade

Dance & Play (Ages 18-36 months w/parent or caregiver) 45 minutes

Dance & Play is a wonderful class for our youngest dancers that allows you to spend quality time with your toddler in a fun and nurturing environment. You and your mini-mover will have so much fun dancing, singing, and socializing in this parent/child class! Get ready to tip toe, run, gallop and march as we explore the basic concerts of movement and music through fine and gross motor skills and creative movement activities. Colorful and engaging props such as scarves, bean bags, instruments, wands, hoops, balance beams, tunnels, slides, and bubbles make this class a hit!

Creative Movement (Ages 3-5) 45 minutes

Creative Movement is a fun and educational class that is the perfect introduction to the joys of dance. Specifically designed with preschoolers in mind, age-appropriate teaching methods are used to engage and excite young dancers in a safe and encouraging environment. Tiny dancers have fun learning ballet and tap basics while developing coordination, balance, flexibility, and musicality as well as building self-confidence, exploring creativity, learning to share and take turns, and making friends!

Preschool Acro (Ages 3-5) 45 minutes

Build strength, flexibility and have fun in this tumbling class designed specifically for preschoolers! Skills covered include gymnastics positions (tuck, pike, straddle, table, candlestick), rolls (pencil rolls, forward rolls), jumps (frog jumps, star jumps, tuck jumps), bear walks, and crab walks. Fun props including scarves, bean bags, and hoops and equipment such as mats and balance beam are utilized.

Ballet/Tap (Grades K-1) 45 minutes

Ballet/Jazz (Grades K-1) 45 minutes

Little Hop (Grades K-1) 45 minutes
This class is a fun introduction for boys and girls to the fundamentals of hip-hop. Students dance to age appropriate music and have a blast in this high energy class!

Classes for 2nd Grade & Above

Acro 45 minutes

Ballet 45-90 minutes

Formal ballet technique will be taught utilizing proper terminology and vocabulary and will emphasize correct placement and body alignment. Presentation and musicality will also be stressed. Based on the internationally recognized Royal Academy of Dance method, a progression of levels challenge dancers as they acquire age-appropriate concepts. Ballet provides a strong foundation for all other dance techniques and it is recommended that all TDC students participate in ballet class.

Pre-Pointe/Pointe (By teacher recommendation)

Class must be taken in conjunction with ballet and with permission of instructor. Barre and center practice work on strength, stretch and placement. Hair must be worn in a bun at every class.

Jazz/Tap Combo 60-90 minutes

Learn a broad range of jazz dance styles from the classics to the latest hip-hop moves. Master tap steps such as Maxi Ford, Time Step and Shuffle off to Buffalo. Technique and terminology are developed through warm-up sequences, across the floor work and combinations.

Lyrical 45 minutes

Lyrical is an expressive form of dance drawing from both ballet and jazz dance styles and is typically performed to slower pop songs and ballads. Dancers will learn to interpret the words and music and communicate a story through movement.

Hip-Hop 45 minutes

Learn the latest street dance moves in this fun, energetic class. Presented in an age-appropriate manner.

Musical Theater 45 minutes

Was your child born to perform? Do they love Broadway? Then look no further than our Musical Theater class where students will dance, act, and sing! Musical Theater is a theatrical dance style that includes dance technique and acting to songs from Broadway  musicals. These dance numbers usually consist of a story being told or a character being formed. Class will consist of warmup in Jazz/Broadway Technique, across the floor, acting, singing and dances.

Contemporary 45 minutes

Power Up Pointe 45 minutes

Leaps, Turns, & Conditioning 45 minutes